Rosa is the author of the novel The Maestro and Margherita, two books of poetry, Record of a Heart Modern and Flower of Poison and is one of the organizers of the Artbar Poetry series in Toronto.


This promised land
Destined to rise
In love with progress
Growing in notus rapidity
A country to invent and reinvent over and over again.

Flight begins with waving of red and white flags
Time bursting in flames
As extravagance preparation
Begin for Canada’s 150th Birthday.

In cities where condos and influential modern designs blossom
Faces dazzle
From coast to coast
Along bodies of fresh waters
Breathing tree forests
Sprouting countryside
In the solitude of snowy sublunary spaces
Feverish start and deathless hopes
Of Syrian refugees
Dream in future passions.

Diverse landscape and population
Histories untold
Of courageous survivors
Of treatment of indigenous peoples
Black lives matter
City social problems
Crowded housing
New styles
All prompting debate.

Despite the disorder
Our Constitution like poetry
actual empathy for understanding
devotion for freedom and justice
gives us liberty for an existence proper.

So much beauty reigns in this country
The dance, the decay, rebirth of old myths
Beyond fear, beyond good and evil
Live in freedom’s arms.

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