this skin i wear

and now that darkness has
swallowed the sun
i sit
sifting what i can of
thoughts and words
losses desires

strained through a fine mesh of my own making
trying to separate what’s real
from what i’ve stained with my faulty ink

a near impossible task
how can one strip the self from the fabric
of life

suddenly i am very tired

i must own what i’ve made in ugliness and beauty
and wear it without shame

i will be judged by thousands of eyes
on a many headed hydra
none of which will see that garment
from the inside out

i must pray for mercy
not falling in a gentle rain
but sweeping on a swollen tide
to wash me clean

12 thoughts on “this skin i wear

  1. I love your works! I’ve been absconding from Gplus since a couple of years now, but was so thrilled to see your name (poem) in this edition!

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