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Gino’s passion for art began at an early age, and has continued throughout his adult life. His aptitude for creative vision has never left him, and he has continued to pursue his love of art to this very day. His personal Spiritual journey has been the momentum and driving force behind his artwork which represents the pure manifestation of Source energy which he is connected with. In his contemporary art studio in Wales, Gino escapes from the restrictive conditioning of the world, calls on Spirit and, with no preconception of what will flow onto the canvas, he allows his connection with Spirit to inspire his artwork. His creative mind expands beyond our idea of reality to a place where Spiritual energy flows through him. This energy can still be felt long after completion of a piece of art, benefiting the viewer and allowing them to take from it what they will.



“Time” is inspired by the emotions of time. Beyond our illusionary idea of the reality of time where Spiritual energy flows, now is our true and only reality. The now is where time does not exist.

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