Trigger Warning

Ren Meadows, a wife, mother, grandmother, previous social worker, devoted writer and author, has completed her new book “Fairy Tales and Horror Stories”: a thrilling story that follows the main character, Alyssa Wade, as she survives a life of abuse and fear. In her corner, is an unsuspecting partner that will protect Alyssa and prove an undying love.

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Ren Meadows’s passionately crafted work portrays the beauty of tragedy and life.

Alyssa Wade, most commonly known as the ‘White Trash Wade Girl’, is the daughter to an abusive and alcoholic father. She meets and falls in love with Race Savage, the best friend of her twin brothers, Tristan and Preston. Her father’s hatred of Race along with the age and class differences cause Alyssa to hide her feelings. Does she have the courage to overcome her low self-esteem, deal with her father’s racial prejudices, keep herself safe from her stalker, and figure out if Race really has feelings for her or if he only feels responsible for keeping her safe after the attacks on her life?

Nearly nine years after leaving home to join the Army, Race Savage, the adopted son of the county sheriff, whose commitment to Military Intelligence has ended, comes home to start a security business, only to find that the gangly little girl he used to know has more than grown up. He also discovers that she is in serious danger from a stalker. In his pursuit of a relationship with Alyssa, Race discovers that he must protect Alyssa from her stalker, find a way to let her know that he doesn’t put much stock in society’s perceptions, and get her to understand that she is the only woman for him.

Readers who wish to experience this profound work can purchase “Fairy Tales and Horror Stories” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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