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AUTHOR & EDITOR TANYA EGAN GIBSON South Bay Writers "Speaker Series & Dinner Meeting" Hiring a freelance editor to review and edit your book can be a significant financial investment. Author and Editor Tanya Egan Gibson will outline the most effective strategies to navigate the process on Monday, Feb. 13 at the South Bay Writers monthly Speaker Series and Dinner Meeting. "As a freelance editor, I get excited every time I embark upon this journey with a client," Egan Gibson writes in "Being a novelist myself, I know how difficult it is to identify flaws in a manuscript on which you've worked for years. Partnering with a freelance editor sheds new light on your work–making it possible for you to see it from angles you've never imagined, capitalize on your manuscript's strengths, and root out problems that might earn you a form letter rejection from your dream agent or a "Meh" on your first Goodreads review." Her presentation includes: — Editing without or before a freelance editor (self-editing, critique groups, and beta readers) — Do you need a freelance editor? Why do some people use them? What can and should you hope to get out of hiring one? — How to find and select a freelance editor — How to work well with—and get the most out of working with—a freelance editor She cautions writers to avoid hiring someone to edit their first draft. Instead, put it away for three weeks and then reread it, making notes on strengths and weaknesses, missing information, and slow paragraphs over which they skim. "Rewrite the manuscript at least once," she advises. "Don't bring in a professional until you've made the book the best you possibly can on your own. At this stage, you are still best equipped to take your book to the next level. Only when you've taken it as far as you can on your own will you get the most for your money in hiring a freelance editor." Tanya Egan Gibson is the author of the novel How to Buy a Love of Reading (Dutton, 2009), as well as a freelance editor and writing consultant. Her articles about writing and editing have appeared in Writer's Digest and The Writer. DATE: Monday, Feb. 13, 2017 COST: $15 members / $20 non-members (includes $10 for dinner) LOCATION: Harry's Hofbrau, 390 Saratoga Ave., San Jose, Calif. GENERAL MEETING AGENDA 6:00 pm Dinner 6:30 pm General Meeting 7:10 pm Break 7:30 pm Guest Speaker: Tanya Egan Gibson 8:30 pm Networking & Dessert 9:00 pm Close



February 13, 2017


Harry’s Hofbrau

390 Saratoga Avenue
San Jose, California, United States

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