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The Museum of Anthropology (MOA) at UBC presents the visually spectacular and immersive new exhibition Layers of Influence: Unfolding Cloth Across Cultures, on display November 17, 2016 – April 9, 2017. Investigating the function of clothing to express social prestige, economic status, political might, and spirituality, Layers of Influence will feature more than 130 majestic and diverse cultural garments – from exquisite Japanese kimonos, to colourful Indian saris, to the elaborate feather cloaks of the Maori people of Aotearoa/New Zealand, among many others. Expertly curated by Jennifer Kramer (MOA Curator, Pacific Northwest), fashions will be draped and hung throughout MOA’s Audain Gallery, offering visitors an up-close, 360-degree look at intricate stitching and complex weaving techniques – each a demonstration of human ingenuity, creativity, and skill. For information visit:


Layers of Influence: Unfolding Cloth Across Cultures

December 16, 2016


Museum of Anthropology

6393 N W Marine Drive
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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