Trigger Warning

Alessandro Ferdico marks his debut in the publishing scene with a candid and compelling memoir, “A New York Way to Go” (published by Trafford Publishing). A celebration of unconditional love beyond any boundary, this poignant retelling also bares to readers layers of painful truth as two lovers face the ultimate twist of events.

A young actor from Italy and a wardrobe designer from Illinois find each other in New York City at a time when same gender marriages are not recognized by the law. Fed by a pure, unconditional love for one another, they merged souls and skills for a decade. Collecting great highs and deep lows, their life together revolves around 8-shows-a-week both on and off-Broadway. A marriage that survives civic discriminations, cultural differences, immigration struggles, and HIV, ultimately finds an unexpected curtain call.

“I think this is a story many can relate to. Ultimately, what can appeal is my passion to underline the reality of a union between two people of same gender. My love for my husband is not ‘gay’ love, it is just love! That being said, it’s a love story that—with no civic rights—could never be fully realized,” the debut author expresses.

“A New York Way to Go” sets itself apart through Ferdico’s evocative and enthralling voice, the raw truth of his love, and the unique story itself.

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