A trio of actors embody the cast of characters that are living in a Toronto we've never seen. A city where first dates cost millions, where coffee is more potent than cocaine, where haircuts ruin friendships and people unwittingly become birthday presents where every parent is worthy of unwanted prizes. "The Best Dad in the World" delves with descriptive relish into the darker corners of comedic storytelling throwing together shocking imagery, wacky humor and heartfelt moments to provide a fresh modern take on the nature of confession. Using a table and chair, a clothes rack, and cheap coffee mug – a collection of seemingly disjointed, disparate & desperate storytellers take to the stage to share bizarre secrets, relay unfathomable experiences, espouse their crooked values and, in doing so, gradually paint a world that is connected, hilarious, surreal, horrific, and looking for love in all the wrong places. Featuring Allan Cooke (top), Natalie Kulesza (centre) and Jesse Bond (bottom)


May 16, 2017


The Red Sandcastle Theatre

922 Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M4M 1J5
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