The Northern Line, a book of stories by Mike Lee, a contributor to Literary Heist, has been published recently. If you would like to read one of Mike’s stories on Literary Heist, check out Texas Football

If you would like to support this amazing author, you can buy his book, The Northern Line on Amazon.


A young man returns to his hometown to mourn the reasons he left. An abused spouse copes with a lifetime of bullying in identifying with the lead character from an independent film. A political prisoner is snatched from a firing squad to find himself exiled in an obscure land. A family flees the Dust Storm of the 1930s, using magic as a tool to survive.

The Northern Line is a collection of stories about dreamers of what was mislaid, lost souls seeking redemption, sudden opportunities and missed chances. The stories are of people grappling with a world of unexpected changes, striving for stability in uncertain, and often surreal, times.

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