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Lisa Arnold has been writing poetry and short fiction for decades. She is a published and Pushcart Award nominated poet and an accomplished online article write. A collection of her poetry “Echoes of My Soul” was published in 2012 by Casa de Snapdragon. Her poem “Christmas Morning” is featured in the collection “Christmas Word Gifts” also published by Casa de Snapdragon. Her work can be read at, Literary Heist, Poem Hunter and at her online poetry forum. She has been writing about homelessness, poverty, blight, equality, alcoholism, aloneness, isolation and societal issues for decades. Currently, she is working on a new collection of poetry. She enjoys writing at night when the world around her goes quiet.


Trigger Warning

honeysuckle honey breeze drifts
outside open 24-hour seaside café

alone woman sits in corner booth near the front window
sipping bitter-black lukewarm coffee

like always, she came here this evening to get through
another solitary night until next morning sunrise

frail winds gently sway towering trees, car horn honks
for the pretty young woman sitting at the next booth over

from the window, alone woman watches gentle raindrops paint
the sidewalk and counts the rain pellets falling against the windowpane

alone woman thanks the waitress for refilling her coffee cup as she unfolds
yesterday’s rumpled newspaper and reads the same words again for a fifth time

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