I am of mixed race, part Choctaw, part White. I am Breadloafer, won the 2019 New Millennium Award for Poem of the Year, am a finalist in the 2021 Great Midwest Poetry Contest and have been nominated for the 2021 Best of Net. I live in Edmond, Oklahoma.


Trigger Warning

While I waited at roadside I thought,
why not try some loveliness.
I saw visions in far reaches, felt
the soft touch of silence,
melodies sprung from solitude,
like a dream of new being
to see how it fit within the frame.
I even tried my hand on the page.

But real time kept barging in,
with meetings in the broad hours,
cross purposes hurled down corridors,
my inbox flooded with unkind puzzles,
bills arrived from far away.
Was it for this I emerged from hibernation
to be exposed on a open plain?
I wondered what to make of it,
this parade of voices, images.
New commercials for products
they said I needed droned on
and on.

Then that too passed away.

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