C.D. Bailey is a 21 year old trash poet from Wheelersburg, Ohio. He is sometimes happy; sometimes he is sad.


Trigger Warning


Two girls took another girl to the woods
pretended she was a bleeding deer that needed put down
kept stabbing stabbing stabbing one of them was scared
and kept stabbing sometimes it’s too late to be a kid again
blood stains even skin even children can be stained

She was stabbed 19 times 19 times wondering why she isn’t dead yet
turned into a pile of leaves bleeding leaves
would have become a tree if it meant nobody would notice her
a childhood cut out from the flesh leaking into the dirt
dirt becomes bloody and blood is already dirty
she’s lying in dirt that is somehow more filthy
getting stabbed stabbed stabbed
turning into a log deep in the woods nobody cares about logs
but this log bleeds and blood always means something more
when nobody knows where it is coming from.

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