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Arvilla Fee teaches English Composition for Clark State College and is the poetry editor for the San Antonio Review. She has published poetry, photography, and short stories in numerous presses. Her poetry books, The Human Side and This is Life, are available on Amazon. For Arvilla, writing produces the greatest joy when it connects us to each other.


Trigger Warning

You always did have a flair
for drama, didn’t you?
Never one to waste a crisis.
Never one to pass up
an opportunity to stir the pot,
to poke the hornet’s nest.
Funny how you always managed
to look so surprised
when someone retaliated,
baring claws and teeth,
as if you had no idea
the damage you’d caused.
Hollywood actors have won Oscars
for less theatrics.
But it’s all out, now—isn’t it?
The jig is up, as they say;
everyone’s got your number.
So, stir and poke away, dear queen;
no one will come running
to see about all the fuss;
no one will ask if you’re OK.
Everyone has managed
to move on without you,
to heal and grow and thrive—
and there’s not one soul left
to wipe your tears.


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