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Brief Bio: Steve Deutsch lives with his wife Karen – a visual artist, in State College, PA. He writes poetry, short fiction and the blog: His most recent publications have been in Misfit Magazine, Word Fountain, Eclectica Magazine, The Ekphrastic Review, New Verse News, The Drabble. He was recently nominated for a Pushcart Prize.


Trigger Warning

My brother believed
it was the constancy
of the ordinary
that drove the masses
to Valium and Freud.
The tiresome ritual
that compelled some soul
to wash and dry the dishes
each night at 7:05–
just after the drumming
of the nightly news
had turned
his brain
to plum pudding.
Two children to
to scrub and bed–
A barely significant
snoring on the chaise
and dreaming
of doing evil.

He wanted
none of it—
the ritualistic
by everyday life.
He did
not “push the boundaries”—
that tired mantra
that would have you strive
for ordinary plus.
He raged
and courted
as some might court
Sweet Sue–
With someone else’s money
Someone else’s drugs
Someone else’s women.
What a splendid mess
he made of life.

And yet,
he died
such an ordinary death.
I read
“Do not go gentle”
at his wake.
An obvious choice—
so heartily approved
by the attending
I like to imagine
it made him
with laughter.

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