Fixed, wherein sink your steps

In the main street in Picton
A statue of John A. Macdonald and Picton
Stand as path signature.
History rises here
In heritage homes, Regent Theatre
The solitude of blue harbour and marina.
So many suns have shined on
On these sand dunes of beaches and limestone cliffs
This universe all green
The fragrance of trees swaying in the wind
Laughing sobbing at time.
I believe in this landscape
These lives paving the way
The tongue that makes us dream
Eternity occulted by art and nature.
I walk on from here to there
To the other side
In the midst of confusion of curious tourists and flashy cars
All begins to stir
Flood of memories
The secrets, the disputes,
The sounds;
And again I don’t resist
Because restless
In these fecundate memories
I get closer to myself.
I know my debt
I am suspended here.
Fixed: wherein sink your steps.

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