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Elijah Trew has been writing since his childhood in Asunción Paraguay. After immigrating to Ireland he began writing in both English and Spanish. This consolidated a passion for language, prose and poetry. I often use my South American identity as inspiration for exploring the personality crises, immigration to the Western world can create. Predominantly through an unstable narration.


Trigger Warning

Every day is a headache when come morning time the lion or lamb will come to ruin a Shepard’s day.
Monsters with eyes where teeth hide and tongues where there should be none.
“Good tidings a joyful day for Christ is alive”
A bloody faced greeting hello. At evening.
When my head kisses a fair pillow.
Choke on my rose you swine.
I hope the thorns split your soul asunder.
The land where open words and written wounds crack my toes against the road.
A sorely walked path for an eager sinner.
I do not see your mercy in the light of the moon.
I do not see your love in the Sunday showroom.
All empty vessels,
Art that makes no sound.
Call upon fathers and their blasphemy whilst
Corporate Pharisees building temples of hubris made from technology and gold birth Babylon again.
When will this affliction ruin?
Feast on the silence of falling crowns.
With their volumes turned down low in echo chambers of fine wine and expensive time.
And a bell that rings no more yonder,
Tearing down ruling frowns,
Look at your experiments
Look upon our faces

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