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Rosa Arlotto graduated from UofT Erindale College in languages. She is the author of a novel The Maestro and Margherita on e-book, publisher: R. L.Hartley. The novel is also available in paperback on Lulu. Rosa has also published two books of poetry, Record of a Modern Heart and Flower of Poison by Publish America. A few of Rosa’s poems can be found in ThePoeTrain Anthology (2015) and she has also published a short story in Voices (2020) published by Toronto Writers’ Co-operative. Her works can often be found in an online quarterly magazine Literary Heist. Rosa has recently published a short story with Ukiyoto Publishing and two poems in Belladonna Literary Arts Magazine. She is currently one of the organizers of the Artbar Poetry reading Series and a new member of TWC Co-op.


Trigger Warning

I am restless
Feeling that I’ve been failing
To understand the disquietudes and wishing of the Globe.
Definite social movements
Have been pushing evolution forward.
I would like to be able to transform the Earth
Enlighten this sublunary world
Shake off, undo unjust deeds and prejudices
That has been handed down
And rebuilt the earth.
My religion has weakened
And I might find the physical world
Life, humanity, larger,
more tangible
more transcendental
more cognizant
then the Devine Being in the Scriptures
but I believe a universal love is quite possible;
all we need to envision is our strength to love
flourishing and thriving until it embraces and wraps
the sum of all people of the earth,
and the future can be more beautiful
than the past
and a brand-new kind of soul can commence.

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