Srinidhi Jitesh is 16 years old with a passion for writing poetry.


Trigger Warning

My mind is off the track,
where I’m desiring to be,
where I can still hear the aura of temple mantra,
where the birds talk and chirp,
where everyday is evergreen,
for the drizzle makes my mind ecstatic.
But now I’m shunned,
shunned in a way that I can’t re-imagine,
caged around the four walls like a bird,
No, but I am not weak,
for I’ll be one-day cherishing my being there,
where I yearn to be.
Yet, at this time,
I’m just telling my heart this,
find me happiness even in this agony,
so that I’ll never have to brood,
For I have to cosset my soul one day there,
where I long to be.

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