John Marvin is an 84 year old cardiac and cancer patient who still feels young. He has published over 200 poems and received 6 Pushcart nominations. He endeavors to let words speak for themselves from deep in the subconscious.


Trigger Warning

God is dead
may overstate the overall state
of a barely perceived cosmos
recently saved from the chaos
of the ultraviolet catastrophe
after Max Planck overrode continuity.

Suppose there were no supernatural
and suppose for the sake of argument
those who claimed that their beliefs
and only their beliefs were true
were all locked up in mental institutions?

Just call the hospitals heaven-haven
where the green swell
is out of the swing of the sea
and the moon hangs on the wall
not transformed by haunting whispers
of a night too frightful to hide the stars.

If then they can grasp the bars
and peer out through their padded windows
upon the sighs of relief
of those free of fear—
fear of being burned
fear of exploding fanatics
anxious to fuck their virgins
fear of homophobic flat worlders
who know what everyone else should do
and drool for revenge
—maybe they would inhale
the compassion that is so human
but so crushed in the presses of ideology
searching for a new fiction
now that the gods who never lived
except in the myths and mysteries of the mad
are all dead.

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