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Joan McNerney’s poetry is published worldwide in over thirty-five countries in numerous literary magazines. Four Best of the Net nominations have been awarded to her. The Muse in Miniature, Love Poems for Michael, and At Work are available on A new title Light & Shadows has recently been released.


Trigger Warning

to forget childhood traumas or hideous
events like world trade center falling
those are what i choose to forget
and this never ending pandemic
another day another strain when
will it ever end someday maybe?
we try to forget pain if living alongside
it don’t want to be whimpy or needy
you shouldn’t think about all those gray
days marching by us must be upbeat
or how many are living in streets tents shelters
with the fear the fear why women want
other women to have forced pregnancies
gun shootings politics natural disasters
and war war war another war war war
striking up bands bringing out flags
but we never forget real love never until
our last day brings the great forgetting

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