Lindy is a 33 year old born and raised Manitoban. She moved to Alberta summer of 2014. She consumes herself with art whether it be painting, photography or her favourite of them all writing.

She is a mother of two (a boy and a girl) both of which have undeniable character and are nothing short of amazing!!

She lived her younger years pushing limits and having a complete lack of regard for what she was putting herself through mentally or physically. She settled down before she had her son and lived a very calm and routine life. That was until a couple years ago when her health unexpectedly took a turn, causing her to take a step back from her then current job as a photographer. During all the health issues she met a guy that saw her vulnerability and used it to his advantage. The relationship was short but far from sweet, and has left her drowning in guilt and picking up pieces of her life long after. A lot of her current poetry goes through not only the same details of that relationship but feelings she felt during it, the aftermath of it all and the choices she has made since.


Trigger Warning

Its times like these that are critical,
I’m trying to starve my addictions.
But when the desire is viciously physical.
I forget my morals and lose my inhibitions.

I ran out of life so long ago,
And I’ve been waiting for this urge to fade.
Songs of loathing on repeat play in stereo,
As I dance with the devil on this crusade.

It’s days like these I’m stuck in crisis,
I struggle to ease what torments my mind.
Frantically scouring, I can no longer fight this,
Pathetically I devour any remnants I can find.

I dodge all accountability,
Tossing every excuse I find your way.
Foolishly I pushed away everyone I need,
Clumsily I pretend that I’m still okay.

Its moments like these I can’t catch my breath,
I’m succumbing to it all, suffocating on myself.
I’m tearing my heart right out of my chest,
And still no one hears my cries for help.

I don’t know how I let this all start,
Or Why I watched my dreams get crushed.
Forever lies the pieces of me where i fell apart,
Never to be fixed, no one can ever love me that much.

It’s endings like these the truth manifests,
And the fire inside me is retained.
The devil now dances with my silhouette,
I guess in life or death, my demons were never meant to be tamed.

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