Memories of Night Fishing


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William C. Blome writes poetry and short fiction. He lives wedged between Baltimore and Washington, DC, and he is a master’s degree graduate of the Johns Hopkins University Writing Seminars. His work has previously seen the light of day in such fine little mags as Poetry London, PRISM International, In Between Hangovers, Fiction Southeast, Roanoke Review, and The California Quarterly.


Bloodworms, scotch, banana bread, and histories
with Khartoum whores I wish were still alive
and fat and vivid as anthracite
in moonlight from a crescent.
What they all were were engines
I couldn’t turn off—they churned and churned
and churned—and my only option
was to make three pregnant in a single night
while the other two caught all the catfish
the half dozen of us would gluttonize
and suck on throughout one week to come.

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