Packets and movers worldwide
Package – tour, package – funerals too
Are very covetable ones to sophisticated souls.
I am packing tips to ensure well being of the Earth.
The butterflies and honey bees fostered me to do that.
Panting trees encouraged me to carry on my packing job.
The palsied wind fanned my gusto to patronize my effort.
The fleeing cloudlet sent me a message – Bravo! Keep it up!
The moon cast a beam to rejuvenate my enthusiasm afresh!
A listless sparrow sat on my bald head and with his pointed
beak wrote something in a strange script I could not decipher.
A frog came hopping to ask me what I was doing so seriously.
An impala came and circled around me thrice jubilantly.
A small kid lifted my hand up and kissed on my fist frivolously.

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