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Sultana Raza’s poems have appeared in numerous journals including, Columbia Journal, The New Verse News, London Grip, Classical Poetry Society, Poetry24, Dissident Voice and The Peacock Journal. She has read her fiction/poems in India, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, England, Ireland, the US, and at CoNZealand. Her fiction has received an Honorable Mention in Glimmer Train Review (USA), and has been published in many journals/anthologies including Coldnoon Journal, and Entropy.

Sultana Raza has an MA in English Literature. Her creative non-fiction has appeared in Literary Ladies Guides, Literary Yard, Litro, and impspired. Her 100+ articles (on art, theatre, film, and humanitarian issues) have appeared in English & French. An independent scholar, Sultana Raza has presented many papers related to Romanticism (Keats) and Fantasy (Tolkien) in international conferences in the USA, Ireland, the UK, France, Greece, Norway, and CoNZealand (online).


Trigger Warning

Should I float down, or fly even higher?
Stay in or venture in the open?

Should I expose myself to others,
Or spiral inside stone cocoon?

Ivory tower or watch tower?
Water tower or hunter’s tower?

Is it better to stay below,
Or go up to see the big picture?

Should I indulge my mania
To visit yet more towers?

Is it better to always ask questions
Or to avoid answers sometimes?

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