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Craig has written poetry all his life, is now retired, and thinks of poetry as hobo art. He loves storytelling and the aesthetics of the paper and pen. He was nominated twice for the Pushcart Prize in the early 2000’s and has a book of poetry, Roomful of Navels. After a writing hiatus, he was recently published in Decadent Review.


Trigger Warning

We rise, we coffee, begin the routine,
pricked with flashes, typically,
of the recent past.
There is a filter, that eliminates
the mundane, from the priceless –
which become the cornerstones.

These moments, the poignant ones
steel an emotion, free an event from
extraneous clutter,
brand themselves in the cerebellum.
We are these memories.
The eight-hour-thing over,
insomnia kicks in, the curse
starts the definer-reel rolling.

The worst and the best
flare through the consciousness,
like a closet docudrama,
and then we dream.
The present, the in the moment
is void of context,
without these pure, momentary events.
These are life, become soul.

We are fragile, mortal.
One breath, the next, and then none.
Mortality haunts, makes it unique,
the moments are mine, terminal.
Mutual, shared memories become history.
I cherish these moments,
but they will leave when I do,
unless I write them down.

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