Bunny is a ninety-nine year-old woman, who has enjoyed writing poems for special occasions for decades. Occasionally, she writes serious poetry, but mostly enjoys the slightly irreverent or humorous.


Trigger Warning

In this, the twilight of my years,
I recollect past hopes and fears;
sorrows and exhilarations;
my missteps and aspirations.

Too soon widowed, how could I cope
to raise my girls with love and hope?
We managed to survive, we three;
good times outweighed adversity.

Then came a second chance at love—
a man as gentle as a dove.
Forty years, well sprinkled with bliss
until we shared our final kiss.

Although at first I felt bereft,
comfort came from those who were left.
My children, grands, greats—and good friends—
bring sustenance that never ends.

Indulge me as I cogitate
on one anticipated date
when this nonagenarian
becomes a centenarian.

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