My stunted heart
leaning on the feelings
on crutches
tumbling and faltering
at every broken step
the half-filled knowledge
breathing among the
confederacy  of Dunces
a flock of fools

Making sense of the smattering
and overloaded emotions
unable to hear the whispers of the
marred heart
loud and clear
you try to raise my crestfallen soul
before it sinks into the deep hole

Soaking myself in the
wisdom of ancestors
passing on the torch
those ignorant hands
and the sullen mouths
can recite the verses
and forget the meanings
living a lie
a folklore

Born out of chaos
living within the deception
the blood in  the veins
carries the truth to be told
If you peel off the pretense
to be born again
pure as a nubile
moonlight filled in every pore

You read those holy verses
again and again
to learn the
sanctity of the truth
these words hold.

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