Paul Butterfield Jnr is 32 years old and is a published poet and a columnist for the International Times magazine in London. The BBC published his first short story Moving On when he was 19 years old and The Playhouse in Derry screened his first film Escapism.


Trigger Warning

Maybe if they knew of my hardships
They would go easier on me
Instead of making up rumours through gossip

I know this avant-garde way of life
As a so-called writer and artist
Isn’t as normal as the forever appearing moon

But what most of them do not know
Is the fact I could have had it all
That I could have been exactly like them

Where I could have had a wife
And the kids and the family home

I was going to ask her at 24 years of age
While we were on an exotic holiday
And in time the rest of it would have followed

But we followed our guiding spirits on different paths
And I believe we are more content separated

And after a few upsetting events on this very day
I have come to a conclusion we all need

As long as you know who you are
As long as you know you have lived up to your own expectations
That is the only truth you will ever need to know here and in your exit

As you smile at today’s sun as it goes down

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