As poet Saloni Kaul has been in print for 55 years, first published at ten! Her poems have been appreciated by poets and public alike as well as received by the press and media. In recent times she is published seven times a month in journals, magazines and reviews as well as maintaining a constant presence on the internet through today’s ezines and online magazines. In addition, she is a critic and columnist with leading dailies and recognised as a broadcaster since 1977.


Trigger Warning

A long long wail that stretches sound expressively
From solid earth to distant arching sky,
With piercing resonance and trill-like whirr,
Rends all the air and ether like lightning reversed
Setting the seven seas reverberating with its roll
And shakes the gods and snugly ensconced powers that be
Out totally of their smug self-satisfaction enthroned seating.

Words couldn’t possibly have effectively exerted greater power,
Generated stronger pressure that strained the senses,
Than this voiced entreaty and resounding mournful outcry,
Too torn for tears, too.

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