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Engrossed in feeding the masses with fiction, poetry and commentary while residing in Upstate South Carolina with his wife, working towards retirement. He looks forward to enjoying the Golden Years and taking advantage of what life has left to offer. Influenced by nature, dreams, animals and quite honestly…anything that gets his creative juices flowing.

“Winter’s Silver Lining” 12/21/2023 Literary Heist Magazine
“I’m Here” TBA Journal of Expressive Writing


Trigger Warning

Secret and motionless amid the thick murky
darkness your wayward ship casts anchor in
the harbor called silence; flying high like the
gulls your clandestine sortie stretches the
thin-lined horizon, but is the harbor truly
safe?…nothing is. Like a true non-conformist
you dock for rush but not rest, conscious, of
the rapid beat of your heart; not for calm but
to rouse, thoughts hidden deep in the depths;
not for dreams but for visions of conscious
reflection, shimmering…with the dark water’s
gloss; like a bright shooting star not for future
but present, depleting the mind-altering cargo
filled with the rent; your conduct caught on
the habitual hook, baited and cast by the Devil
itself and like an old salty angler he keeps taut
the clear line and with patience he waits for a
tug of resistance.

Your demon is prepared for the battle…
are you ?

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