Christiana Sasa: loves to write. Through writing she finds a vent for her strangled feelings and emotions. She believes in love, peace and humanity.


Trigger Warning

The mermaid has lost her tail
The mermaid, like a sculptor of flesh,
Has carved a pair of legs of convenience
Out of her tail
With a spatula of determination,
A rude ground besmeared with
Rubble of pretension
Lying under her feet
Penetrates her like a
Poisoned dagger

The mermaid has lost her tail
She has burned her scales
Glinting with the morning sunlight
Like a thin film of silver
While she rests herself upon the shore,
In the smoke of the rancid,
Intoxicating air in which
They breathe upon the land
A silent ocean throbs in her throat

The mermaid has butchered her tail
The ocean of innocence
Bewildered eternal beauty
Stands awestruck
In middle of the roads of sarcasm
Hubris of civilization
Congregated around concrete
Clouds of grey mundane

The mermaid has butchered her tail
Artifice is preferred here to simple grace
With which she could swim
Across the world of pearls
Spontaneous her smile
Surges of joy, fetched from far
She was stabbed with pain
As she desired foams of love
From the solid land where tears
Stand in no ocean

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