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Catherine is a 22 year old counseling and human services major. Besides poetry, she enjoys playing basketball, listening to loud music and watching terrible horror movies. Her poetry has been published in several magazines including Sick Lit Magazine, Phree Write Magazine and Muse – an International Poetry Journal.


Trigger Warning

My screams
Are making my
Parents bleed
Like a thousand paper cuts
On a single finger
My screams
Reverberate loudly in
The cramped quarters of the car
My dad’s eyes fixed on the road
Unable to look behind him
Unable to face what’s behind him
My parents are now witnesses to
My deterioration
With every mile another scream
With every scream another mile
The road to the hospital
Might as well be
The road to nowhere
And we are taking a short cut straight
Through hell
My mom is holding me
Her pain mirrors my own
And my screams have shattered the glass
How long can a person scream for?
With every lungful my chest is filled with fire
Fire because we are going through hell
Hell because we are on the road
The road to nowhere

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