Trigger Warning

What is it like to be free?
It is to know why the caged bird sings;
and the melody of liberation
from munity, which it brings.
An idea of overcoming such extremes,
or to understand what it means to believe!
To succeed without the strings
of being attached to delimiting beliefs;
is to merely know why the caged bird sings.
The thought of knowing life isn’t always as it seems,
by holding on or letting go of each and every meaningful thing?
While allowing yourself to be you as you allow others to be;
and making an effort to understand others
and the way that they think.
Why does the caged bird sing?
Is it up to one to perceive?
To be free from the earthly ways of the world
and all of its worldly schemes;
to be free as a bird,
does one only dream?
As Martin Luther King…

And many leaders who have died
for the freedom of others
for the sake of creating peace.
Or to believe in a god,
and have reason to continue to live
through each day,
which you try to redeem.
To receive peace of mind
is to know and understand why
what it exactly means to be free!

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