Where we will meet

La ci darem la mano

I cannot sleep
The night grows dark
Without a moon.
I abandon my bed
And go in search for a book.
This is what hurts me
I miss my mother acutely
How often I thought of her
I’m not sure.
Death-where half of the people
In your life have gone
Blurring your sense of time
What was never suppose to end.
I write in my head
Words lose themselves.
Such is his will
I cannot accept the clear hostility
Of finality.
I never want to lose the bond
The encounter with their being
My eyes water, forgiven water.
Autumn is peaceful
But life whiffs death.
I am restless
I always wanted a warm sun
Lovely May
Sunlight in the grass
the smell of the lake
daffodils in colour.
This is life I think
Always running
Until there is nothing more than this.

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