Engrossed in feeding the masses with poetry, fiction and commentary while residing in Upstate South Carolina with his wife, working towards retirement. He looks forward to enjoying the Golden Years and taking advantage of what life has left to offer.


Trigger Warning

Dancing through the sky free of worry you descend,
silent in your approach.
Individual and distinct
you are cast down to earth,
carved in intricate detail by the heavens
and thrown into the spotlight by the cold, dark season.

Carried by the frigid zephyr you travel
unnoticed in the masses,
your uniqueness lost and overlooked.
Your fate bound by circumstances leaving you powerless,
your longevity placed in the hands of chance.
The majority unfortunate,
vanishing as they land,
some buried under the cover of their peers
unable to view the stunning landscape they’ve created.
Rest assured,
your cold composition warms the heart.

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