Trigger Warning

Live Garra Theatre presents The World premiere of A Matter of Perspective, by C.G Gardiner, on Tuesday, October 4, 2016, 8:00 pm, at Silver Spring Black Box Theatre, 8641 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, MD, 20910. The play depicts eight people deliberating the fate of a young black man arrested by two white police officers. Their deliberation exposes deeply rooted prejudices, and a broken American justice system.

A Matter of Perspective crystallizes the divergent perspectives that exist in the citizenry of America. The playwright offers an introspective look at the role jurors might play in such a trial. The play runs through to Sunday, October 16th, with matinee performances on Saturday and Sunday, at 2:00 pm. The audience is invited to stay for post-show discussions following the matinee performances. Press night is Thursday, October 6. Tickets can be purchased at for $20; $15 for Seniors and Students. Tickets are available for $25 at the door.

Live Garra Theatre Artistic Director, Wanda Whiteside says, “This play will stir passions and demystify attitudes about race and racial biases. A Matter of Perspective may be the most seminal work produced yet that confronts white privilege while black lives shatter in America. I’m reminded of the Langston Hughes poem Dream Deferred: “What Happens to a dream deferred? Does is dry up like a raisin in the sun …or sag like a heavy load … or does it explode?””

Also this season, “North of the Drinking Gourd,” and coming in February: “Fool in Love” the life of Frankie Lymon. The play opens February 9th and runs through February 26th. It will be directed by Thomas W. Jones III, under the musical direction of William Knowles. Anthony Manough will star as the legendary Frankie Lymon, the young rock & roll star whose meteoric rise was cut short too soon.

Live Garra Theatre, a 501 (c) 3 organization, endeavors to illuminate all facets of a multicultural society, fostering cross-cultural understanding. The organization is a member of the Theatre Consortium of Silver Spring, and operators of the Silver Spring Black Box Theatre adjacent to the AFI Theatre, across from the Fillmore Theatre — the Theatre wing of Silver Spring.

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