Trigger Warning

Inspired from his personal journey of attaining ultimate success, Baibhav Agarwal marks his publishing debut with a new fiction novel, “The Cost of Ambition” (published by Partridge India). A reflection of today’s competitive struggle for wealth and power, this book teaches readers the value of dreams and the passion and cost attached to it.

As Atul Kumar sets out on a transformative quest for success that is sometimes fraught with mistakes, he begins to lay the foundation for a business empire as he turns his experiences into a guiding light for his future. “The Cost of Ambition” follows the tale of an Indian man’s incredible journey as he works diligently to make all his professional dreams come true. What could be the price of his grand desire?

“I want to urge my readers to dream more and dream big and never stop dreaming. Also that there is always a cost attached to anything you want to achieve and you should have the guts to pay it, because the results are going to be too sweet,” the debut author Agarwal explains. “Nothing comes for free, nothing. Even if it’s your own dreams, destiny has its own way of making you pay for it and honestly, without bearing the cost, the results are hollow.”

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