Bunny is a ninety-nine year-old woman, who has enjoyed writing poems for special occasions for decades. Occasionally, she writes serious poetry, but mostly enjoys the slightly irreverent or humorous.


Trigger Warning

“Oh, where have you been all my life?”
he smooth-talked, then winked his right eye.
“How soon can I become your wife?”
was her astonishing reply.

“But we haven’t properly met,”
he stammered, his face turning red.
“A detail you’ll have to forget;
I want to be married,” she said.

“Well, I don’t!” was his anguished shout,
“Find yourself another guy.”
“Don’t forsake me, you shameless lout,”
she bellowed, “You did wink your eye.”

He pounded his fists on the bar,
then frantically rushed out the door;
and in the safety of his car,
he vowed, “I won’t flirt anymore!”

Triumphantly raising her glass,
she chuckled and chanted this toast”
“Here’s to me, a resourceful lass;
he looked as if he’d seen a ghost.”

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