Robin McNamara is an Irish poet with poems published in local newspapers in Ireland & in NYC’s Literary magazine, Starving Writers, available in Barnes & Noble & on Amazon. He is a regular poetry contributor to Spillwords. His poems have been also been published in The Local Train, Bangladesh & Scarlet Leaf, Canada. As well as America & UK both print & online. Robin’s debut Poetry book is due out in 2020, Under The Mind’s Staircase.


Trigger Warning

Borrowed time is up
Coat of winter on
Last dregs of life gone
From tree I abandon
I release you leaf
With falling memories
Of spring birth
And soothing sunshine
On ground you die
All around is dirt
Death on the floor
Of Mother Nature
The released leaf
Like reincarnation
Crumpled to dirt
Down deep dark soil
In snow no grow
In ground frozen till
Spring again awakens
Rebirth of you –
Released leaf

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