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Sofia Kioroglou is an award winning poet, 2017 and 2018 Best of the Net Award nominee by Sundress Publications, published author of five books, translator, lexicographer and journalist born and bred in Athens, Greece. She is an avid reader and believes in human kindness and sacrifice. She would be a cave recluse in Raitho or Sinai had she not met her husband Peter in Jerusalem at the Holy Light Ceremony in 2012. This landmark in her life lit the fuse for her writing which is evidently imbued with passion for her spiritual salvation by tracing her struggle to step out of her mortal coil and experience the warmth and zest that only communion with God can confer. Her books are based on true stories that usually revolve around the Holy Land and Sinai.


Trigger Warning

I know I am not much of a poet myself
I just love to describe what I see
what touches my heart, what leaps to mind.

When the words do not come out quite right
and the rhythm is a bit off-key
I don’ t get my knickers in the twixt

Poetry is not about the best masterpiece
but about letting my words flow like a broken dam
allowing the pen to scribble all over a blank page

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