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Duane Anderson currently lives in La Vista, NE. He has had poems published in Fine Lines, Cholla Needles, Tipton Poetry Journal, and several other publications. He is the author of “On the Corner of Walk and Don’t Walk,” “The Blood Drives: One Pint Down,” and “Conquer the Mountains.”


Trigger Warning

She booked her trip to the next world,
but she is still on the wait list,
waiting for the pilot,
the train engineer,
the taxi-cab driver,
the captain of the excursion ship,
a rocket to outer space,
anyone to take her
to her final destination of heaven
to reconnect her with her husband,
brothers, sisters, parents, friends,
those who had departed years before her.
Her bag is all packed
with what is left of her mind and body.
Please come pick her up,
let her rejoin the ensuing world
as this one has been exhausted.

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