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Lynn White lives in north Wales. Her poetry is influenced by issues of social justice and events, places and people she has known or imagined. She is especially interested in exploring the boundaries of dream, fantasy and reality. She has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, Best of the Net and a Rhysling Award.


Trigger Warning

I came to a river filled with lilies
flowering under the bridge,
a bridge to somewhere
from where I am.

I don’t know where I came from
or where I am now,
not really

there’s just the bridge
and the river
and the lilies.

And I don’t know if the bridge is real
or a bridge of dreams
leading nowhere
or a bridge for my dreams,
leading nowhere.

And if I cross over
will I plummet
into the nowhere
on the other side.

Shall I try?

Or shall I stay here
looking at the lilies
looking for my way
hoping to find it.

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