Shri Menon is a student based in Georgia who likes to write poems in her past time.


Trigger Warning

As I pass by those places,
where we once went as lovers,
my mind goes cloudy,
my eyes pour my heart out,
my heart melts under the gleaming sun,
as I reminisce all those moments,
I had with him..

He, once mine,
now a stranger,
it hurts me, tortures me,
I get deja vu,
on the idea of love,
those flashbacks appear in my dreams,
I try to forget,
but my heart refuses to let him go away..

I’m still drunk,
still thinking,
love can heal me again,
but, it’s my misconception,
mine alone,
for I know one thing,
he’ll never be mine,
neither will I be his..

We’ll be strangers forever,
in this world I once loved,
still I’ll be drunk,
still I’ll love him,
only for him to never be mine..

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