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Robert Thimmesh began his career working for the State of Minnesota and then continued into real estate. For several years he worked in real estate and began writing. Bob is currently a full-time working writer.


Trigger Warning

They think I‘m one of them,
a white male member
of the club of good old boys,
once-young albino bucks ranging free
among the herd; I am,
nine to five downtown;
sometimes I’m black
under the moon, talking talk I
don’t understand, and yellow
behind a star, walking places
I never knew; and sometimes I
ride red ponies caught in
dreams beneath a sleepless night
until the time is nine downtown
and the albinos start to graze.

One thought on “Disguise

  1. Magical and uplifting. We are not who they think we are. We are who we want to be. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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