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Lisa Arnold has been writing poetry and short fiction for decades. She is a published and Pushcart Award nominated poet and an accomplished online article writer. A collection of her poetry “Echoes of My Soul” was published in 2012 by Casa de Snapdragon. Her poem “Christmas Morning” is featured in the collection “Christmas Word Gifts” also published by Casa de Snapdragon. Her work can be read at, and at her online poetry forum. She has been writing about homelessness, poverty, blight, equality, alcoholism, aloneness, isolation and societal issues for decades. Currently, she is working on a new collection of poetry. She enjoys writing at night when the world around her goes quiet.


Trigger Warning

feet up on the dash
windows all the way down
words flowing
through mind

luggage roped inside broken trunk
headlight glare, with him I’m
traveling down open road
leading us to someplace unknown

don’t know where we are headed
but where we are is nowhere
savage hunger
got to find the somewhere
anywhere to be cause
this can’t be the here, man

been choking on
the sublime
need some quarters and a few dimes
to pay for the water to wash it all down

for years, been lost
inside my mind
about that fantasy life
but what will it matter?
probably won’t ever
come true anyway

wind on face
can’t wake me
been woke for so long
trying to taste the substance
inside the monotony
but its bland like pabulum

road sign up ahead
says, “dead end”
my baby’s turning the car around
heading back to where we started from
damn, I knew this would be our outcome…this time

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