God is a Woman

God is a woman,
the world her mirror,
her tigered jungles,
her deserts of ennui,
her peaks and valleys,
her plain old plains –
her eclectic motif.

Her ponds,
the weed-dimpled shards
of her ice age,
The Great Lakes her wish
for warmer and deeper,
the oceans her tearful swings
between exultation and grief.

Then there is her Eden –
not the original sin story
that pins everything on Eve.
There was no Satan or snake,
no expulsion or deception,
no soapy scene of seduction
no guilt-ridden comic relief.

The truth is that Adam was a
first draft and Eve her masterpiece,
a woman who knew her apples,
who was expected to outgrow
her garden, and know enough
to leave needing nothing
not even a fig leaf.

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