Emma is a former (and sometimes) Democratic political operative. When not on a campaign, Emma is focused on writing timely pieces on culture, punk music, and spooky run-ins. After writing hours, Emma can be found mouthing off, watching baseball, and reading Stephen King. Emma is currently located in an antelope laden field in Wyoming.


Trigger Warning

Grief is mean and unbecoming
A cockroach in the light
It scurries away
When you need it most

Expected and unsuspecting
Vile and distrustful
It perches above me
An ancient owl
Elusive and tangible as the Blue Rose

A Rose that grows and grows and grows
When healthy and watered
Until it drowns and suffocates
From the Sky’s fears
The sun will come out
And dry up all the rain

Then cook you on a desert rock
Too parched to scream.
Too screamed to remember
The last look. The last words.
Ashes to ashes. Sand to Sandman.
Dream for one last drop of rain.

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