Lindy is a 33 year old born and raised Manitoban. She moved to Alberta summer of 2014. She consumes herself with art whether it be painting, photography or her favourite of them all writing.

She is a mother of two (a boy and a girl) both of which have undeniable character and are nothing short of amazing!!

She lived her younger years pushing limits and having a complete lack of regard for what she was putting herself through mentally or physically. She settled down before she had her son and lived a very calm and routine life. That was until a couple years ago when her health unexpectedly took a turn, causing her to take a step back from her then current job as a photographer. During all the health issues she met a guy that saw her vulnerability and used it to his advantage. The relationship was short but far from sweet, and has left her drowning in guilt and picking up pieces of her life long after. A lot of her current poetry goes through not only the same details of that relationship but feelings she felt during it, the aftermath of it all and the choices she has made since.


Trigger Warning

Wearing this crown of shit.
Proud and shameless.
I stand.
I’m Standing tall.
Here I stand.
You will not make me fall.
I will not crumple.
I will not hesitate.
As you spectators speculate.
In an attempt to emulate.
To only perpetuate.
Some it may fascinate.
Some may underestimate.
Now watch as I demonstrate.
How I shall detonate.
See how quickly I can decimate.
Totally devastate.
This must be fate!
Just wait!!
You don’t really bother me.
Because even after all you cost me.
This is just how we ought to be.
I don’t want an apology.
It probably.
Would be tarnished with hypocrisy.
And would lack any quality.
Fuck equality,
Fuck democracy.
You act like you’re a fucking prodigy.
A fucking prophecy.
But I have a policy.
It’s not to fuck with mediocrity.
Why do you hold such animosity.
After you committed such atrocity.
But honestly.
You don’t really bother me.
This is exactly how I thought we’d be.
Nothing but a passing thought to me.
This crown of shit.
Dishonestly crooked.
Flawlessly butchered.
With a perfect fit.
I didn’t think it would hurt.
When my heart took the hit.
But I was left all alone.
All by myself on my own.
With this crown of shit.
On my throne I sit.
I refuse to quit.
But i will admit.
I feel used a bit.
Confused a bit.
So sick of your stupid shit.
This crown of shit.
I’m learning to wear proudly.
With a smile.
Screaming loudly.
And so profoundly.
So totally vile.
But honestly.
You don’t really bother me.
Even after all you’ve cost me.
And after all the dishonesty.
And all the mockery.
You’re just not who I thought you’d be.
So this is just how it’s gotta be.
No more chances.
Cause all you’ll do is ruin me.
No more answers.
Cause there’s no more you and me.
What I do to you, you do to me.
You don’t really bother me.
You crotchety.
Old wanna be.
Your hypocrisy.
And grandiosity.
Is oddly.
And so impossibly.
Hard not to see as comedy.
Even after all you’ve cost me.
Now you can watch me.
Do what you taught me.
And that’s walk away calmly.
Because honestly.
You can’t put this one on me.
It was you who broke my heart and lost me.

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