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Rosa is a poet, novelist, and writer of short stories. She has published two books of poetry, Record of a Modern Heart and Flower of Poison by PublishAmerica (currently known as America Star Books). Her novel, The Maestro and Margherita has appeared as an e-book and was published by L.R. Hartley. Rosa also wrote short stories published in Moosemeat, chapbooks, and the former magazine Events Quarterly. She is currently a member of the ArtBar Poetry Series.


Trigger Warning

“planted him in this country like a flag”
Margaret Atwood

The flag today opens into the sky
an eagle rises up.
It’s not his death that brings sadness
but the regret of never having met in this life.

I imagined him coming by
our poetry readings
and I delighted to make his acquaintance
breathing in, breathing out
taking it all in, trying to get quenched.

I begin seeing him, his look, his long hair
sitting, reading
delighted and serene, someone who is pure.

I imagine how i feel
hypnotized by his stare
lured by his light
I begin seeing him fascinating and transcendant
and life like an opera
an unequivocal love song
I play over and over again.

Albums under my arms
I keep images of hugs
and he is still making music
and I am happy, happy and pleased.

Never leave us alone
your lyrics, a feel of wild desolate rhyme
make such gorgeous entertaining hosts
especially on lovely nights.

I shall lie and sleep with them
and bring into being again and again.

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