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Dr. Shailja Sharma is a psychologist and a poet, practicing in Texas, USA. Apart from her scholarly publication, Dr. Sharma’s poetry has been internationally published in peer-reviewed journals, literary magazines, and radio shows. Her poems recently appeared in Setu: Bilingual Journal of Arts from Pittsburgh, Spillwords, Literary Yard, The Indian Periodical, Inkspire, Svabhiman and elsewhere. She was awarded a special literary honor for her poetry featured in a poetry anthology that was released this month.


Trigger Warning

Let it dance with you

Don’t go from
Port to port
Sit down
And see yourself
Eye to eye
What’s really needed
And what not so much?
You have touched the gold pillar,
The shiny mountain,
You have the
Ocean at your finger tip
Now put your hand on
That one speck of breath which
You need to live
Possibly it is right here
The moment that is passing by
Let it dance with you
The moment is all you have!

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